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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Using the Vivado IDE (UG893)

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2022.2 English

The following table provides a brief description of the files that the Vivado IDE creates during implementation design operations.

Important: Do not modify the implementation files manually. These files are maintained by the Vivado IDE.
Table 1. Outputs For Implementation
Output File File Name Description
Run Directory <projectname>.runs
  • This directory contains all the scripts, input, and output files necessary for the first implementation run in the project (named impl_1 by default).
  • For each additional implementation run created, a directory parallel to impl_1 is created (named impl_2, impl_3, etc. by default).
Run Implementation and Launch Vivado IDE Runs
  • <name>.rpt
  • <name>.rpx
  • <name>.pb
  • <top>_<step>.dcp
  • runme.log
  • Reports generated as part of the run appear as <name>.rpt and <name>.rpx. You can view <name>.rpt files in the Vivado IDE Text Editor and load <name>.rpx files in the Vivado IDE.
  • Messages are stored in <name>.pb files.
  • A checkpoint is written at each step of the implementation flow and stored as <top>_<step>.dcp.
  • The log of the run is stored as runme.log.
Launch Scripts
  • <top>.tcl
  • runme.bat, runme.sh
  • vrs_config_<#>.xml
  • vivado.begin.rst, vivado.end.rst
  • When you launch a run, the Vivado IDE creates launch scripts automatically. These scripts contain commands and command-line options specified in the Vivado IDE strategy.
  • The vrs_config_<#>.xml files are located under the project run directory in a /jobs subdirectory. These files define the run name, directory, steps, and so forth.
  • vivado.begin.rst tracks that the run launched, and vivado.end.rst tracks that it finished.