Supported Simulink Blocks - 2022.2 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.2 English

You can mix blocks from the HLS block library and blocks from Simulink® , and other add-on toolboxes, during simulation in Simulink. However, you can only generate output from Model Composer from the top-level subsystem that uses only a limited set of Simulink blocks that are supported for code generation.

The following Simulink blocks are fully supported by Model Composer for code generation, and can be found in the Vitis Model Composer HLS block library as well.

Table 1. Supported Simulink Blocks
Simulink Block Description
Action Port Place this block in a subsystem to link to a signal from an If block or a Switch-Case block.
Bus Creator This block creates a bus signal from multiple inputs.
Bus Selector Pulls signals from an input bus to pass to output.
Display Provides numeric display of input values.
DocBlock Create and edit text associated with a model, and save that text with the model.
From Receive signals from the Goto block with the specified tag.
Goto Send signals to From blocks that have the specified tag.
If Provides an IF/ELSEIF/ELSE condition for branching inputs to alternate outputs.
Inport Provide an input port for a subsystem or model.
Merge Merge multiple input signals into a single output signal whose initial value is specified by the 'Initial output' parameter.
Outport Provide an output port for a subsystem or model.
Scope Displays time domain signals with respect to simulation time.
Stop Simulation Stop simulation when input is non-zero.
Terminator Used to "terminate" output signals to prevent warnings about unconnected output ports.
To File Incrementally write data into a variable in the specified MAT-file.
To Workspace Write input to specified timeseries, array, or structure in a workspace.

Refer to the Simulink documentation for a complete description of the block.