run-p4bm-vitisnet Application - 2022.2 English

Vitis Networking P4 User Guide (UG1308)

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2022.2 English

The run-p4bm-vitisnet application is a helper utility included to improve the ease of use of both p4bm-vitisnet and p4bm-vitisnet-cli applications by abstracting the user from launching both processes and providing the ability to apply a set of commands automatically from a file.

The program accepts two mandatory parameters - the .json file (used by p4bm-vitisnet) and a test-case text file containing the CLI commands (passed into p4bm-vitisnet-cli). When invoked, the application launches both p4bm-vitisnet and p4bm-vitisnet-cli as sub-processes. Once both processes have started and their connection has been established, run-p4bm-vitisnet opens the specified test-case text file and reads its contents line by line. Blank lines and comment lines (those which start with the '#') character are ignored. All other lines are passed into the p4bm-vitisnet-cli sub-process. When the end of the test-case file is reached, run-p4bm-vitisnet sends the exit command to p4bm-vitisnet-cli, causing both sub-processes to terminate gracefully.

The application supports the command line parameters described in the following table. The following snippit shows an example of the help command line parameter.

run-p4bm-vitisnet --help
usage: run-p4bm-vitisnet [-h] [-p THRIFT_PORT] [-l LOG_FILE] -j JSON
                      [-s SCRIPT[ [-m LOAD_MODULES] [-d] [-c CONNECT_COUNT]

Table 1. run-p4bm Vitis Networking P4 Supported Commands
Parameter Description
-h, --help Shows this help message response (see above example)
-p THRIFT_PORT, --thrift-port THRIFT_PORT Thrift server port for simulation
-l LOG_FILE, --log-file LOG_FILE Name for simulation output logs
-j JSON, --json JSON JSON description of P4 program to simulate
-s SCRIPT, --script SCRIPT File containing commands to run through simulator
-d, --drop-zero-length Emit dropped packets as zero length packets
-c CONNECT_COUNT, --connect-count CONNECT_COUNT Number of times to attempt thrift connection (0 => unlimited)
-m LOAD_MODULES, --load-modules LOAD_MODULES Comma separated list of runtime loadable modules (such as extern modeling)