P4C_vitisnet Compiler - 2022.2 English

Vitis Networking P4 User Guide (UG1308)

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2022.2 English

The P4C-vitisnet Compiler takes as input a P4 file and produces an output .json file for use by the P4 Behavioral Model. The compiler is executed as a command line application. It can be run in the Vivado Hardware Flow or in the CLI software flow as follows:


The application supports the command line parameters described in the following table.

Table 1. Command Line Parameters
Parameter Description
--help Print this help message.
--version Print compiler version.
-I path Specify include path (passed to preprocessor).
-D arg=value Define macro (passed to preprocessor).
-U arg Undefine macro (passed to preprocessor).
-E Preprocess only, do not compile (prints program on stdout).
--nocpp Skip preprocess, assume input file is already preprocessed.
--pp file Pretty-print the program in the specified file.
--toJSON file Dump the compiler IR after the midend as JSON in the specified file.
--Wdisable[=diagnostic] Disable a compiler diagnostic, or disable all warnings if no diagnostic is specified.
--Wwarn[=diagnostic] Report a warning for a compiler diagnostic, or treat all warnings as warnings (the default) if no diagnostic is specified.
--Werror[=diagnostic] Report an error for a compiler diagnostic, or treat all warnings as errors if no diagnostic is specified.
--testJson [Compiler debugging] Dump and undump the IR.
-T loglevel [Compiler debugging] Adjust logging level per file (see below).
-v [Compiler debugging] Increase verbosity level (can be repeated).
--top4 pass1[,pass2] [Compiler debugging] Dump the P4 representation after passes whose name contains one of `passX' substrings. When '-v' is used this will include the compiler IR.
--dump folder [Compiler debugging] Folder where P4 programs are dumped.
--emit-externs [VitisNetP4 back-end] Force externs to be emitted by the backend. The generated code follows the VitisNetP4 JSON specification.
-o outfile Write output to outfile.
loglevel format is: sourceFile:level,...,sourceFile:level

where sourceFile is a compiler source file and level is the verbosity level for LOG messages in that file.