Interrupt Example - 2022.2 English

Vitis Networking P4 User Guide (UG1308)

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2022.2 English

This example summarizes Target and Interrupt API functions to control and monitor the ECC interrupts for the table present in the FiveTuple example. This example C program is provided at the following location:


This program demonstrates target and interrupt driver function calls to achieve the following functionality:
  • Initialize the driver using XilVitisNetP4TargetInit()
  • Obtain the context for the interrupt driver using XilVitisNetP4TargetGetInterruptDrv()
  • Obtain the P4 element ID for the “FiveTuple” table using XilVitisNetP4TargetGetTableElementIdByName()
  • Enable both single and double bit ECC error interrupts using XilVitisNetP4TargetInterruptEnableElementEccErrorById()
  • Read interrupt status to determine if either a single or double bit ECC error interrupt has occurred using XilVitisNetP4TargetInterruptGetElementEccErrorStatusById()
  • Clear the single or double bit ECC error interrupts if present using XilVitisNetP4TargetInterruptClearElementEccErrorStatusById()
  • Disable the single bit ECC error interrupt using XilVitisNetP4TargetInterruptDisableElementEccErrorById()
  • Exit driver using XilVitisNetP4TargetExit()