Guidelines for Targeting Legacy Designs to Xilinx Architecture - 2022.2 English

Vitis Networking P4 User Guide (UG1308)

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2022.2 English

Legacy designs are P4 designs that predate the 2018.3 release of Vitis™ Networking P4. Guidelines for targeting legacy designs to Xilinx architecture are as follows:

  • Replace the included architecture file:
    • #include <v1model.p4> should be replaced with #include <xsa.p4>
  • Xilinx Vitis Networking P4 Architecture has only three components: Parser, Match-Action, and Deparser. A P4 program needs to be modified to fit into this architecture. For example, moving from V1Model to XSA:
    • V1Switch should be renamed to XilinxPipeline.
    • VerifyChecksum and ComputeChecksum must be removed as these controls are not supported in XSA.
    • Ingress and Egress pipelines must be combined into one Match-Action pipeline.
  • Deparser control has metadata and standard_metadata_t inouts, similar to the Parser and Match-Action pipelines. These must be added to the Deparser control declaration (even if they are not used in the P4 program).
  • The standard metadata structure is different and only has a few fields. Any use of other standard metadata fields from the V1Model must be removed, or replaced with user metadata.
  • Supported externs are different in XSA compared to the V1Model. Check the latest XSA to see which externs are supported and the syntax involved.