Deprecated Board Name / Board Variant Support - 2022.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2022.2 English

The following table lists the updated Board Support Packages with the board names.

Table 1. Board Support Packages and Board Names
BSP Board Name Yocto Board Variant Name
ZCU102 zcu102 NULL
ZCU104 zcu104 NULL
ZCU106 zcu106 NULL
ZCU111 zcu111 NULL
ZCU1275 zcu1275 NULL
ZCU1285 zcu1285 NULL
ZCU216 zcu216 NULL
ZCU208 zcu208 NULL
ZCU670 zcu670 NULL
ZCU208-SDFEC zcu208 NULL
ZC702 zc702 NULL
ZC706 zc706 NULL
AC701 ac701 NULL
KC705 kc705 NULL
KCU105 kcu105 NULL
VCU118 vcu118 NULL
SP701 sp701 NULL
VCK190 vck190 NULL
VMK180 vmk180 NULL
VPK120 vpk120 NULL
vc-p-a2197-00-reva-x-prc-02-reva vc-p-a2197-00 NULL