Using the RTL Kernel in a Vitis IDE Project - 2022.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: Hardware Acceleration (XD099)

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2022.2 English
  1. Change directory to the tutorial folder: cd ./01-rtl_kernel_workflow/reference_files

  2. Create a new workspace folder called work1

  3. Launch the Vitis IDE, by entering the following command:

vitis -workspace work1
  1. The Vitis IDE opens. Select File > New > Application Project

The New Vitis Application Project window opens.

New Application Project

  1. The New Application Project wizard is displayed, with the overview page showing a brief overview of the process. Click Next.

  2. The Plaform page is displayed. Select xilinx_u200_gen3x16_xdma_2_202110_1, and then click Next to proceed.

Platform page

  1. The Application Project Details page is displayed. Make the following selections:

    1. Enter a project name, such as kernelTest.

    2. Create New System Project is enabled, and the System project name is generated from the project name. You can edit it if needed.

    3. The Processor is selected automatically from the platform you selected.

    4. Click Next to proceed.

New Application Project

  1. The Templates page opens, showing application templates you can use to start your project. Select the Empty Application (XRT Native API) and click Finish to create your Vitis application project.

The new project wizard closes and opens the Vitis IDE with your new project loaded.

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