Kernel Write Bandwidth - 2022.1 English

Vitis Guidance Messaging (UG1315)

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2022.1 English


Kernel write utilization on this specific port is too low.


This message is generated whenever the runtime environment considers that the utilization of a port is too low. This can be a combination of port data width and burst inference.


If the data width of a port is far less than 512 bits, consider packaging multiple values into a single transfer. The 512 bits can be efficiently packed and unpacked on the receiving side by utilizing a separate process to read and write to the AXI interface.

These processes can also be used to effectively infer burst reads and writes. Each of these processes should contain a loop with a simple variable incremented by one to read/write from the port and store the value internally.

Applying the DATAFLOW pragma to these processes surrounding the algorithm results in an efficient implementation.