AIE_STREAM_STALLS - 2022.1 English

Vitis Guidance Messaging (UG1315)

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2022.1 English


This rule checks the amount of stream stalls for AI Engine tiles.

Default Threshold



Reducing stream stalls can improve AI Engine performance. Time AI Engine was in a stream stall. This could be due to multiple reasons such as streams being read faster than they are written to streams from the PL being clocked at a slower frequency, etc.


See this link in AI Engine Tools and Flows User Guide (UG1076) for AIE_STREAM_STALLS.

You can resolve the stall by examining stream access patterns using trace results and increasing/balancing the FIFO depth on the stream, or maximizing the PL bandwidth to the AI Engine.

  • Increase FIFO depth.
  • Adjust stream read and write instructions in the loop.
  • Multiple streams: Insert DMA FIFO or set different FIFO depth for different destination nets.
  • PLIO: maximize AIE-PL interface bandwidth. For example: 64bit interface, highest frequency(1/2 AIE frequency) for PL, BLI register (channels with it).