Product Licensing Account Overview - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing (UG973)

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2022.1 English

When you purchase a design tool edition or IP product from Xilinx® , you are purchasing a license to use and receive updates for that product for one year. The license to use Xilinx design tools and IP products is managed through the use of product entitlements. A product entitlement is the determination of:

  • Which product was purchased
  • The number of seats purchased
  • The license type (certificate based, floating, or node-locked)
  • The product subscription period (product updates are provided throughout the year)

In addition to managing the product entitlements for your purchased design tools and IP, you can also access product entitlements for No Charge or Evaluation products.

  • Full and No Charge licenses have a subscription period of one year
  • Design tools evaluations are for 30 days
  • IP evaluations are for 120 days

Generating a license from a product entitlement results in one or more license keys being generated by the website. When installed, the license keys enable the use of the design tools and IP that were purchased or are being evaluated. Your product entitlements and resulting license key files are managed in a product licensing account on the Xilinx website.

Product licensing accounts are specific to the individual listed on the Xilinx Software Purchase Order, who is either the end-user or administrator of the design tools. All purchases made can be managed in the same product licensing account if a single administrator is named. A company site can have multiple accounts managed by different administrators. The latter is helpful if a site has multiple design teams working on differing projects with different budget pools.

Note: A license can be generated for a product entitlement that has expired; however, it only enables product releases up to the subscription end date. Applying a product update made available after the subscription end date of your license will result in a licensing error the next time the tool is used.

LogiCORE™ IP License Generation in the Xilinx Design Tools

Any LogiCORE IP and design tools entitlements you have purchased appear in your list of entitled products when you log into the Product Licensing Site. Currently, all IP entitlements will generate certificate-based licenses. Licenses for Evaluation and No Charge IP are available on the site in a separate area. Licenses for all your certificate-based design tools and IP can now be generated in one pass. They are emailed to you in a single license file.