Support for svdpi.h Functions - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900)

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2022.1 English

The svdpi.h header file is provided in this directory: <vivado installation>/data/xsim/include.

The following svdpi.h functions are supported:

svBit svGetBitselBit(const svBitVecVal* s, int i); 
svLogic svGetBitselLogic(const svLogicVecVal* s, int i);
void svPutBitselBit(svBitVecVal* d, int i, svBit s);
void svPutBitselLogic(svLogicVecVal* d, int i, svLogic s);
void svGetPartselBit(svBitVecVal* d, const svBitVecVal* s, int i, int w); 
void svGetPartselLogic(svLogicVecVal* d, const svLogicVecVal* s, int i, int w); 
void svPutPartselBit(svBitVecVal* d, const svBitVecVal s, int i, int w); 
void svPutPartselLogic(svLogicVecVal* d, const svLogicVecVal s, int i, int w);
const char* svDpiVersion();
    svScope svGetScope();
    svScope svSetScope(const svScope scope);
    const char* svGetNameFromScope(const svScope);
    int svPutUserData(const svScope scope, void*userKey, void* userData);
    void* svGetUserData(const svScope scope, void* userKey);