Schematic Window Toolbar Commands - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Using the Vivado IDE (UG893)

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2022.1 English

The local toolbar contains the following commands:

Resets the Schematic window to display the prior zoom, coordinates and logic content.
Returns the Schematic window to display the original zoom, coordinates and logic content after Previous is used.
Note: This command is only available for schematics with less than 12,000 objects.
Zoom In
Zooms in the Schematic window.
Zoom Out
Zooms out the Schematic window.
Zoom Fit
Zooms out to fit the whole schematic into the display area.
Select Area
Selects the objects in the specified rectangular area.
Autofit Selection
Automatically redraws the Schematic window around newly selected objects. This mode can be enabled or disabled.
Autohide Pins
Toggles the pin display on selected hierarchical modules. When a schematic is generated, higher levels of the hierarchy display as concentric rectangles without pins, and cells hide the unconnected pins, as shown in the previous figure. In most cases, the lack of pins makes the Schematic window more readable. However, you can display the pins for selected cells as needed.
Recreates the Schematic window with the newly selected elements added to the existing schematic.
Recreates the Schematic window with the currently selected elements removed from the existing schematic.
Regenerate Schematic
Redraws the active Schematic window.
Controls the display of information in the window. For details, see Specifying Schematic Window Settings.