Device Constraints Window Toolbar Commands - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Using the Vivado IDE (UG893)

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2022.1 English
The local toolbar contains the following commands:
Opens the search bar to allow you to quickly locate objects in the Device Constraints window.
Expand All
Expands all hierarchical tree objects to display all elements of the Device Constraints window.
Collapse All
Collapses all hierarchical tree objects to display only the top-level objects.
Add Constraint
Adds a new DCI Cascade constraint when two or more banks are selected. Use the Add DCI Cascade dialog box to specify the master bank.
Remove Constraint
Removes the selected constraint or constraints.
Controls the display of information in the window.
Scroll to selected object
Scrolls the Device Constraints window to display objects selected in other windows such as the Package Pins or Device windows.