Import a Vitis Project - 2022.1 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2022.1 English
  1. To import a project, select File > Import from the top menu.

    This opens the Import Projects page to select the import file type. There are two types of files you can select to import:

    Vitis project exported zip files
    Lets you import projects previously exported from the Vitis IDE as discussed in Export a Vitis Project.
    Eclipse workspace or zip file
    Lets you import projects from another Vitis IDE workspace.
    Import projects from Git
    Lets you import projects from either a local previously cloned Git repository, or from a specified Git URL, as described in the next topic.
  2. The following figure shows the page that is opened when you select Eclipse workspace or zip file and click Next.

  3. For Select root directory, point to a workspace for the Vitis IDE, and specify the following options as needed:
    Search for nested projects
    Looks for projects inside other projects in the workspace.
    Copy projects into workspace
    Creates a physical copy of the project in the current open workspace.
    Close newly created imported projects upon completion
    Closes the projects in the open workspace after they are created.
  4. Click Finish to import the projects into the open workspace in the Vitis IDE.