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Versal ACAP System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2022.1 English
Note: The Arm AArch64 architecture is common between the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC APU and the Versal ACAP APU. The existing architectural reference nomenclature "ZynqMP" found the Linux source also applies to Versal devices.

The Linux OS supports the Versal device. Xilinx provides open source drivers for all peripherals in the PS, and key peripherals in the PL. The following figure illustrates the full software stack in the APU, including Linux and an optional hypervisor.

Figure 1. Linux Software Development Stack

Xilinx offers two tools to build and deploy custom Linux distributions for Versal devices: PetaLinux tools and the open source collaboration project, Yocto project. For more information, refer to on the Xilinx Wiki.

PetaLinux Tools
The PetaLinux tools offer a simplified commands set to quickly build embedded Linux. The tools include a branch of the Linux source tree, U-Boot as well as Yocto-based tools to make it easy to build complete Linux images, including the kernel, the root file system, device tree, and applications for Xilinx devices. The PetaLinux tools work with the all the same open source Linux components described immediately below. More information about using PetaLinux to build custom distributions can be found on the PetaLinux Tools page and on the Xilinx Wiki.
Yocto Project
The Yocto Project can be used by more experienced users to highly customize embedded Linux for their boards. For those interested in the Yocto Project, the Xilinx Wiki has several articles and information pertaining Yocto for building Linux on Xilinx devices. The on the Xilinx Wiki is a great place to start. Yocto board support packages are also available from the main Yocto tree.

You can leverage the Linux software stack for the Versal device in multiple ways.

Open Source Linux and U-Boot
Xilinx offers release-specific prebuilt images for the Versal ACAP kits, VMK180 and VCK190 that can be found on the Versal ACAP Boards, Kits, and Modules page. The Linux Kernel sources including drivers, board configurations, and U-Boot updates for Versal devices are available from the, as well as, from the main Linux kernel and U-Boot repositories. For more information, refer to on the Xilinx Wiki.
Commercial Linux Distributions
Along with open source Linux offerings, Xilinx works with several third-parties to offer other Linux solutions. Some commercial distributions also include support for the Versal devices, and they include advanced tools for Linux configuration, optimization, and debug. For more information, refer to the Embedded Software & Ecosystem page.