Adding Layers - 2022.1 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2022.1 English
You can add layers to the PetaLinux project. The upstream layers for the Honister version of Yocto can be found at

The following steps demonstrate how to add the meta-my layer into the PetaLinux project.

  1. Copy or create a layer in <proj_root>/project-spec/meta-mylayer.
  2. Run petalinux-config > Yocto Settings > User Layers.
  3. Enter the following:
  4. Save and exit.
  5. Verify by viewing the file in <proj_root>/build/conf/bblayers.conf.
Note: The 2022.1 release of the PetaLinux tool is on the honister base line. Choose the layers/recipes from the honister branch only. Some of the layers/recipes might not be compatible with the current architecture. You are responsible for all additional layers/recipes.
Note: You can also add a layer that is outside your project; such layers can be shared across projects. Ensure that the added layer has <layer>/conf/layer.conf; otherwise, it causes build errors.
Important: If you want to change the layer priority, you can update ${PROOT}/project-spec/meta-mylayer/conf/layer.conf to set BBFILE_PRIORITY_meta-mylayer = 7 (0 to 99, higher values have higher priority).
Note: By default, the meta-user layer in the PetaLinux project has a PRIORITY of 7. To override or use the meta-user changes before the custom layer changes, use a PRIORITY level that is equivalent or higher than meta-user. For more information, see