Update the IP Identification - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Creating and Packaging Custom IP (UG1119)

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2022.1 English
  1. In the Package IP window, update the following information:
    Display name
    My AXI GPIO EDK Pcore Tutorial
    UG1119 Tutorial Lab #3 - AXI GPIO EDK Pcore
    Vendor display name
    My Company
    Company url
  2. Click the File Groups page to validate that the proper Sub-Core References (Library Cores) are added to the Package IP window.

    In this case, the Interrupt Controller, the AXI4-Lite IPIG and the Proc Common display in the /Sub-Core References directories for Synthesis and Simulation.

  3. Click the Customization Parameters, as shown below, to explore the parameters defined for the custom IP.

  4. Click Review and Package to view the Summary of the custom IP, as shown in the following figure.

  5. Click the Package IP button to update the IP with the changes you made in the Package IP window.
  6. After packaging is complete, close the edit_ip_project.