Step 1: Examine the Repository Trunk Directory - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Creating and Packaging Custom IP (UG1119)

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2022.1 English
  1. Examine the <Extract_Dir>/lab_4/trunk location.

    The directory contains the files for the respective custom IP that would exist in the repository. In particular, there are two source directories.

    • common_v1_0: Directory contains source for logic common to the IP within the repository trunk.
    • myip_v1_0: Directory contains source for custom IP.

    The common_v1_0 directory contains a source file that is required by myip_v1_0. Because the component.xml file for myip_v1_0 cannot reference a source file from outside the IP root directory, the source file from common_v1_0 must be referenced differently.

    Note: The directories containing the source files should be organized to ensure proper packaging. For an example on how to properly organize your source files, see Packaging a Specified Directory. Although not described in this lab, if your repository trunk does not have the same structure, you can package each source directory by packaging the associated Vivado project.
  2. Examine the files in each of the directories for more information about the structure of the repository trunk.