Manually Configuring the System ILA - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator

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2021.2 English

The System ILA IP can also be manually configured to connect nets to debug to the core.

Tip: While you can manually configure the System ILA IP for the desired number of interfaces/probes and connect the nets to the pins of the ILA, this practice is not recommended.

Double-click the IP in the block design, or right-click the IP and use the Customize Block command, to re-customize the System ILA IP.

The Re-customize IP dialog box opens for the System ILA debug core as shown in the following figure. The IP Symbol and Resources tab of the System ILA dialog box shows the pins present on the System ILA IP, and the block RAM resources that are consumed by the System ILA debug core.

Figure 1. The System ILA Configuration Wizard

The Monitor Type of the IP can be configured as NATIVE for debugging standard signals connected to non-interface pins, INTERFACE for debugging nets connected to interface pins, or MIX for debugging both standard signals and interfaces.

Figure 2. The System ILA Configuration Wizard

When the Monitor Type selection is NATIVE or MIX, the Number of Probes field is provided to define the number of probes for the debug core, as shown.

These probes can be set to either the AUTO or MANUAL width propagation, which determines how the probe width is determined for a connected signal.

The AUTO mode automatically sets the probe width to the width of the connected signal. When the Native Probe width propagation is set to MANUAL, you must manually set the width of the probes by selecting the Probe Ports tab in the Re-customize IP dialog box and setting the width of the probes, as well as other parameters, as shown below.

Figure 3. Setting the System ILA Options in MANUAL Mode Propagation

When only interface signals are to be debugged by the System ILA, set the Monitor Type field to INTERFACE. When the Monitor Type selection is INTERFACE or MIX, the Number of Interface Slots field displays, which lets you define the number of interface signals to debug.

Tip: The System ILA core can be configured to select up to 1,024 probes, or 16 interface signals, or a mix of probes and interfaces.
Figure 4. Setting the System ILA Options When Monitor Type is Set to INTERFACE

Additionally, the Interface Options tab is added to the Re-customize IP dialog box to let you configure the interface slots as shown in the following figure. You can also set other parameters for debugging interfaces from the Interface Options tab. The options displayed can change based on the type of interface being debugged.

Figure 5. Setting the System ILA Options Using the Interface Options Tab

When the Monitor Type field is set to MIX, both the Probe Options and the Interface Options tabs display, as shown.