Dynamic Function eXchange IP - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG909)

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2021.2 English

Xilinx has created four pieces of intellectual property specifically for the use within DFX designs. There is no charge for any of these IP, and DFX designs do not require them. They are available to assist users in quickly and easily implementing key aspects of a reconfigurable design. The IP are all found under the Dynamic Function eXchange heading within the IP catalog, and each have their own landing page on Xilinx.com with a detailed product guide.

These four IP for Dynamic Function eXchange are currently available in Vivado and can be used for any Xilinx® device that supports Dynamic Function eXchange in Vivado. As of Vivado 2020.1, these IP now have the DFX terminology within the name and throughout the IP, but are functionally equivalent to their Partial Reconfiguration named predecessors. You should use the IP upgrade feature to transition any existing PR IP to DFX IP. See the product guides for each IP for more information.

Dynamic Function eXchange Controller
The DFX Controller core provides management functions for self-controlling partially reconfigurable designs. It is intended for enclosed systems where all of the reconfigurable modules (RM) are known to the controller. The optional AXI4-Lite register interface allows the core to be reconfigured at run time, so it can also be used in systems where the RMs can change in the field. The core can be customized for many Virtual Sockets, RMs per Virtual Socket, operations and interfaces. Labs 5, 6, and 7 in Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG947) show examples of the DFX Controller IP in a sample design.
Note: This IP is not applicable for Versal devices.
Dynamic Function eXchange Decoupler
The DFX Decoupler can be used to provide a safe and managed boundary between the static logic and an RP during reconfiguration. The core can be customized for the number of interfaces, type of interfaces, decoupling functionality, status and control.
Dynamic Function eXchange AXI Shutdown Manager
One or more DFX AXI Shutdown Managers can be used to make the AXI interfaces between a RP and the static logic safe during reconfiguration. When active, AXI transactions sent to the RM, and AXI transactions emanating from the RM, are terminated because the RM might not be able to complete them. Failure to complete could cause system deadlock. When inactive, transactions pass unaltered.
Dynamic Function eXchange Bitstream Monitor
The DFX Bitstream Monitor can be used to identify partial bitstreams as they flow through the design. This information can be used for debugging or system applications such as blocking bitstream loads. Identifiers embedded at key places in partial bitstreams are extracted and reported by the core. This information can be passed to Vivado HW Debugger using an ILA core to work out what partial bitstream was fetched, if it was fetched in its entirety, and how far through the datapath it went.