Multi Chain SVF Operation with Configuration Memory Attached to Second Device in Chain - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging

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2021.2 English

In this example, to access the ku11 device, a SMASK value of 0011 1111 (0x3f) is used with the HIR and HDR instructions. To access the first device in the chain, the mask value is pushed first followed by a SIR and SDR instructions. SIR and SDR instructions combine HIR, HDR, TIR, and TDR information.

Now let's consider four devices, xcku11, xcku9, xcku11 and xcku9, are connected in a chain. A configuration memory is attached to the second device in the chain (xcku9) and we want to access it, both the HIR and TIR instructions are used in this case:

Figure 1. Multi-Chain-SVF- Operation- Example-Second Device in Chain

HIR 12 TDI (0fff) SMASK (0fff) ;
TIR 6 TDI (3f) SMASK (3f) ;
HDR 2 TDI (00) SMASK (03) ;
TDR 1 TDI (00) SMASK (01) ;
// config/idcode
SIR 6 TDI (09) ;
SDR 32 TDI (00000000) TDO (0484a093) MASK (0fffffff) ;
// config/jprog
SIR 6 TDI (0b) ;
SIR 6 TDI (14) ;
// Modify the below delay for config_init operation (0.100000 sec typical, 0.100000 
sec maximum)
RUNTEST 0.100000 SEC;
// config/jprog/poll
SIR 6 TDI (14) TDO (11) MASK (31) ;
// config/slr
SIR 6 TDI (05) ;