Setting Power Optimization Constraints - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Power Analysis and Optimization (UG907)

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2021.2 English

Prior to running power optimization, you can optionally set power optimization constraints to identify portions of the design that need to be optimized for power. The set_power_opt command provides you the option to include or exclude cell types, hierarchy levels or clock domains for power optimization.

Tip: You need to use the power_opt_design command to enable the power optimization step. The set_power_opt command is used only for targeting the optimization.

The syntax for the set_power_opt command is:

set_power_opt [-include_cells <args>] [-exclude_cells <args>] [-clocks <args>] [-cell_types <args>] [-quiet] [-verbose]
Table 1. set_power_opt Options
Option Name Optional Default Description
-include_cells Yes All Include only the listed cells for clock gating
-exclude_cells Yes None Exclude the listed cells from clock gating
-clocks Yes All clocks Clock gate the cells clocked by the listed clocks only
-cell_types Yes All Clock gate the following cell types only: [all|bram|uram|reg|srl|none]
-quiet Yes N/A Ignore command errors
-verbose Yes N/A Suspend message limits during command execution


The following example sets power optimization for block RAM and REG type cells, then adds SRLs:

set_power_opt -cell_types {bram reg}
set_power_opt -cell_types {srl}

The following example sets power optimization for block RAM cells only, then excludes the cpuEngine block from optimization, but then includes the cpuEngine/cpu_dbg_dat_i block:

set_power_opt -cell_types bram
set_power_opt -exclude_cells cpuEngine
set_power_opt -include_cells cpuEngine/cpu_dbg_dat_i