Review Your Design Power Distribution - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Power Analysis and Optimization (UG907)

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2021.2 English

Once the power analysis is complete you can view the Summary view to review the Total On-Chip Power and thermal properties. The On-Chip Power graph shows the power dissipated in each of the device resource types. With this high-level view you can determine which parts of your design contribute most to the total power as shown in the following figure.

The Summary view also displays a Confidence Level for the power analysis. The Confidence Level is a measurement of the accuracy and the completeness of the input data Report Power uses as it performs a power analysis. If you click the Confidence level value (Low, Medium, or High), Confidence level details are displayed, and these details can suggest ways of increasing the accuracy of the power analysis. For example, you might increase the accuracy of the power analysis by specifying activity rates for more of the clocks or more of the I/O inputs in the design.

Figure 1. Vivado Power Analysis - Report Power in the Vivado Integrated Design Environment

The Power Supply section shows the current drawn for each supply source and breaks down this total current between static and dynamic current.

From the Utilization Details section you can get more details of the power at the resource level by clicking on the different resource types in the graph as shown in the following figure. The different resources views are organized as a tree table. You can drag a column header to reorder the column arrangement. You can also click on a column header to change the sorting order.

Figure 2. Vivado Power Analysis – Utilization Details

If the reported power exceeds your thermal or supply budget, you can refer to Tips and Techniques for Power Reduction, for a list of available techniques to reduce the device power. These techniques depend on the completeness of your design and your development process’s tolerance to change.

Important: When Maximum Process is selected in the Device table and any power-on supply current values exceed the estimated operating current requirements, the Power Supply panel displays the minimum power-on supply requirements, in blue. If any of the current values appear in blue, the total power indicated in the Power Supply panel will not match the Total On-Chip power in the Summary section of Vivado Power Report.