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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG906)

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2021.2 English
The switch instructs report_qor_suggestions to disregard some of the gating criteria in offering suggestions. The behavior is as follows:
Timing suggestions
Offer suggestions on timing paths regardless of whether timing is met.
Utilization suggestions
Offer suggestions on a resource that is not critical.
Congestion suggestions
Offer suggestions on timing met designs at post-route stage.
-of_objects <suggestion objects>
Enables reporting of specific suggestions. When run in this mode, report_qor_suggestions does not generate new suggestions. This command executes quickly and can be used to see what suggestions are in an RQS file after it has been read. An example of its use is as follows:
report_qor_suggestions -of_objects [get_qor_suggestions <objectNames>]
-max_paths <N>
Changes the number of timing paths per clock group report_qor_suggestions analyzes. Expanding this number can report on timing paths that are not fully optimized by the implementation tools, leading to additional suggestions. The default value is 100.
-max_strategies <N>
Changes the number of ML strategies generated. The default value is 3
-cells <cellName>
Changes the top level cell for the analysis performed. The default value is the top level of the design.
-csv_output_dir <directory>
Generates multiple CSV files. This option generates the same information for both report_qor_assessment and report_qor_suggestions.

The *timing*.csv file shows the timing paths driving the items marked REVIEW in the Assessment Details table, and the paths that lead directly to QoR suggestions being created. The CSV allows easy navigation of multiple timing paths and provides a high level of detail for each path. It is particularly useful for examining LUT and net budget check failures, and for seeing suggestions that overlap on the same timing path.

The *dont_touch*.csv file shows a list of objects that have dont_touch properties. It shows hierarchical cells, leaf cells, and nets.