How to Run Implementation in Steps - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2021.2 English
To run implementation in steps:
  1. Right-click a run in the Design Runs window and select Launch Next Step: <Step> or Launch Step To from the popup menu shown in the following figure.

    Valid <Step> values depend on which run steps have been enabled in the Run Settings. The steps that are available in an implementation run are:

    Opt Design
    Optimizes the logical design and fit sit onto the target Xilinx device.
    Power Opt Design
    Optimizes elements of the design to reduce power demands of the implemented device.
    Place Design
    Places the design onto the target Xilinx device.
    Post-Place Power Opt Design
    Additional optimization to reduce power after placement.
    Post-Place Phys Opt Design
    Performs timing-driven optimization on the negative-slack paths of a design.
    Route Design
    Routes the design onto the target Xilinx device.
    Post-Route Phys Opt Design
    Optimizes logic, placement, and routing, using actual routed delays.
    Write Bitstream (all devices except Versal devices)
    Generates a bitstream for Xilinx device configuration. Although not technically part of an implementation run, bitstream generation is available as an incremental step.
    Write Device Image (Versal devices)
    Generates a programmable device image for programming a Versal device.
  2. Repeat Launch Next Step: <Step> or Launch Step To as needed to move the design through implementation.
  3. To back up from a completed step, select Reset to Previous Step: <Step> from the Design Runs window popup menu.

    Select Reset to Previous Step to reset the selected run from its current state to the prior incremental step. This allows you to:

    • Step backward through a run.
    • Make any needed changes.
    • Step forward again to incrementally complete the run.