Export a Vitis Project - 2021.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2021.2 English
When exporting a project, the project is archived in a zip file with all the relevant files needed to import to another workspace.
  1. To export a project, select File > Export from the main menu.
    The Export Vitis Projects page opens, where you select the project or projects in the current workspace to export as shown in the following figure.

  2. To change the name for the archive, edit the Archive File field.
  3. To include the current build configurations, enable Include build folders at the bottom of the dialog box.
    Tip: This can significantly increase the size of the archive, but might be necessary in some cases.
  4. To create the archive with your selected files, click OK to create the archive.

The selected Vitis IDE projects are archived in the specified file and location, and can be imported into the Vitis IDE under a different workspace, on a different computer, by a different user.