Generating Image for Flash/QSPI Boot in MicroBlaze Devices - 2021.2 English

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2021.2 English
  1. Create the project using the BSP.
  2. Go to the project directory using the cd command.
  3. Run the petalinux-config --silentconfig command.
  4. Open the platform-auto.h file and add the following command in the bootcmd options of the U-Boot environment (project-spec/configs/u-boot-xlnx/platform-auto.h). The values can vary based on hardware.
    $ "bootcmd=sf probe 0;sf read 0x82000000 0xAA0000 0xC00000;bootm 0x82000000\0"
  5. $save and exit.
  6. Run the petalinux-build command.
  7. Create the mcs file with build images using the following command.
    $ petalinux-package --boot --fpga images/linux/system.bit --u-boot --kernel --flash-size 128