PMU Firmware Build Flags - 2021.2 English

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Software Developer Guide

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2021.2 English

In PMU firmware, each module can be enabled/disabled based on your requirement. This is achieved by using build flags. The following table describes the important build flags in PMU firmware and its usage. Please see xpfw_config.h file in PMU firmware sources for a complete list of build flags.

Table 1. PMU Firmware Build Flags
Flag Description Prerequisites Default Setting
XPFW_DEBUG_DETAILED Enables detailed debug prints in PMU firmware.

This feature is supported in 2017.3 release and above.

PM_LOG_LEVEL Enables print based debug functions for PM module. Possible values are:
  • Alerts
  • Errors
  • Warnings
  • Information

Higher numbers include the debug scope of lower number, i.e. enabling 3 (warnings) also enables 1 (alerts) and 2 (errors).

ENABLE_EM Enables Error Management Module. ENABLE_SCHEDULER Disabled
ENABLE_ESCALATION Enables escalation of sub-system restart to SRST/PS-Only if the first restart attempt fails. ENABLE_RECOVERY, ENABLE_EM, ENABLE_SCHEDULER Disabled
ENABLE_RECOVERY Enables WDT based restart of APU sub-system. ENABLE_EM, ENABLE_PM, EMABLE_SCHEDULER Disabled
ENABLE_PM Enables Power Management Module Enabled
ENABLE_NODE_IDLING Enables idling and reset of nodes before force shutdown of a sub-system. Disabled
ENABLE_SCHEDULER Enables Scheduler module Enabled
ENABLE_WDT Enables CSU WDT based restart of system used by PMU. ENABLE_SCHEDULER, ENABLE_EM Disabled
ENABLE_STL Enables STL Module. None Disabled
ENABLE_RTC_TEST Enables RTC event handler test module. None Disabled
ENABLE_SAFETY Enables CRC calculation for IPI messages. None Disabled
ENABLE_FPGA_LOAD Enables FPGA bit stream loading feature. ENABLE PM Enabled
ENABLE_SECURE Enables security features. ENABLE PM Enabled
IDLE_PERIPHERALS Enables idling peripherals before PS-only or System reset. ENABLE PM Disabled
ENABLE_POS Enables Power Off Suspend feature. ENABLE PM Disabled
EFUSE_ACCESS Enables efuse access feature. ENABLE PM Disabled
ENABLE_UNUSED_RPU_ PWR_DWN Powers down RPU(s) and slaves if they are not running after receiving PmInitFinalize. Enabled
USE_DDR_FOR_APU_RESTART Enables handling of APU restart gracefully by storing FSBL to DDR during boot and restoring it back to OCM before performing APU restart. ENABLE_SECURE Enabled