Debug and Run the Application - 2021.2 English

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Software Developer Guide

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2021.2 English
Now that you have generated the executable binary, you can test it on a board. To run the application on the board, perform the following preliminary steps:
  • Connect a JTAG cable to the computer.
  • Set the Boot Mode switch of the board to JTAG mode.
  • Connect a USB UART cable and setup your UART console.
  • Power up the board.
  1. Expand the system project and choose the application project you want to debug. Right-click the application and select Debug As > Launch on Hardware (Single Application Debug).
  2. On the Confirm Perspective Switch dialog, click Yes. The Vitis IDE switches to the Debug perspective and the debugger stops at the entry to your main() function.
  3. Using the commands in the toolbar, step through the application. After you step through the print() function, Hello World appears in the UART console.