Top Down Design Flow - 2020.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994)

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2020.2 English

In this flow, a diagram for the top-level block design is created first. The designer or a team lead then creates proper hierarchies in the top-level block design to push a set of IP blocks into Block Design Containers as sub-blocks. Follow the steps below, in sequence, to create a Block Design Container in a diagram:

  1. Create a level of hierarchy in the top-level block design before turning it into a Block Design Container. Create a hierarchical block in a diagram by selecting one or more IP blocks and then right-click to select Create Hierarchy as described in 'Creating Hierarchies' section in chapter 2.
  2. Once a hierarchical block is created and the desired IP blocks are contained in it run Validate Design.
  3. Once design validation is successful, right-click on the hierarchical block and select Create Block Design Container as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 1. Create Block Design Container
  4. Specify a name for the Block Design Container.
  5. The IP integrator then creates a new Block Design Container (BDC) for that level of hierarchy containing the selected blocks. Note the following:
    • The BDC name specified in the previous step will be assigned to the .bd source file of the BDC. For example, in the following image BDC_0 is the specified name for the BDC and therefore is the assigned name for the created .bd source file.
      Figure 2. Block Design Container
    • The BDC .bd source file gets added to the project sources as shown in the image below.
      Figure 3. BDC in Sources Window