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Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide (UG440)

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2020.2 English

Many cells in the Summary sheet or tables at the top of the other sheets are named. To find these names in Excel you can select the cell then if it is named the 'name box' area of the formula bar will show that name. The following paragraph highlights some of the most commonly used cells on the Summary sheet.

Table 1. Summary Panel - Named Cells
Named Cell Description
JUNCTION_TEMP Estimated or forced Junction Temperature (°C)
THERMAL_MARGIN_C Temperature margin for the device temperature grade (°C)
TJA Estimated or specified Effective ΘJA (°C/W)
TOTAL_POWER Total On-Chip Power (W)
THERMAL_MARGIN_W Power margin for the device temperature grade (W)
OFFCHIP_POWER Total power supplied to off-chip devices (W)
Table 2. On-Chip Power Panel - Named Cells
Named Cell Description
CLOCK_POWER Clock tree power (W)
LOGIC_POWER CLB Logic power (W)
BRAM_POWER Block RAM power
DSP_POWER DSP blocks power (W)
PLL_POWER PLL blocks power (W)
MMCM_POWER MMCM blocks power (W)
PHASER_POWER PHASER blocks power (W)
PCIE_POWER PCIE blocks power (W)
IO_POWER SelectIO blocks power (W)
GTP_POWER Lowest speed transceiver blocks power (W)
GTX_POWER Lower speed transceiver blocks power (W)
GTH_POWER High speed transceiver blocks power (W)
GTZ_POWER Highest speed transceiver blocks power (W)
STATIC_POWER Device static power (W)
PS_POWER Zynq®-7000 SoC/ Zynq®-7000 MPSoC processing system (PS) power (W)
PS_STATIC Zynq-7000 SoC/Zynq-7000 MPSoC PS device static power (W)
PL_STATIC Zynq®-7000 SoC/Zynq-7000 MPSoC programmable logic (PL) device static power (W)
Table 3. Power Supply Panel - Named Cells
Named Cell Description
VCCINT VCCINT core voltage level (V)
VCCBRAM VCCBRAM voltage level (V)
VCCAUX VCCAUX voltage level (V)
VCCAUX_IO VCCAUX_IO voltage level (V)
VCCO33 VCCO 3.3V voltage level (V)
VCCO25 VCCO 2.5V voltage level (V)
VCCO18 VCCO 1.8V voltage level (V)
VCCO15 VCCO 1.5V voltage level (V)
VCCO135 VCCO 1.35V voltage level (V)
VCCO12 VCCO 1.2V voltage level (V)
Table 4. Miscellaneous Named Cells
Named Cell Description
PROJECT User description of the spreadsheet
VERSION Spreadsheet revision
RELEASE_DATE Spreadsheet release date