Get Device Operating Limits - 2020.2 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide (UG440)

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2020.2 English

The following named cells represent operating limits for the considered device, package, speed grade and temperature grade. None of these cells are visible in the spreadsheet however you can use these read only values in your calculations.

Table 1. Operating Limits - Named Cells
Resource Named Cells Description
Temperature TJ_MAX Maximum operating junction temperature (°C)
TJ_MIN Minimum operating junction temperature (°C)
Voltages VCC_MAX Maximum operating VCCINT voltage (V)
VCC_MIN Minimum operating VCCINT voltage (V)
Transceivers GTP_MAXRATE Maximum data rate of lowest speed blocks (Gb/s)
GTX_MAXRATE Maximum data rate of lower speed blocks (Gb/s)
GTH_MAXRATE Maximum data rate of high speed blocks (Gb/s)
GTZ_MAXRATE Maximum data rate of highest speed blocks (Gb/s)
Formula to enter into the user Junction Temperature cell on the Summary sheet to force the device junction temperature to the maximum allowed while evaluating different temperature or device and package combination: