The C Standard Library Mathematical Functions (libm) - 2020.2 English

Versal ACAP System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2020.2 English

The following table lists the libm mathematical C modules.

Table 1. libm Modules by Function Types and Listing
Function Type Supported Functions
Algebraic cbrt, hypot, sqrt
Elementary transcendental

asin, acos, atan, atan2, asinh, acosh, atanh, exp, expm1, pow, log, log1p, log10, sin, cos, tan, sinh, cosh, tanh

Higher transcendentals

j0, j1, jn, y0, y1, yn, erf, erfc, gamma, lgamma, and gamma_ramma_r

Integral rounding eil, floor, rint
IEEE standard recommended

copysign, fmod, ilogb, nextafter, remainder, scalbn, and fabs

IEEE classification isnan
Floating point logb, scalb, significand
User-defined error handling routine matherr