Error Management CDO Commands - 2020.2 English

Versal ACAP System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2020.2 English

The following CDO commands are supported by the PLM Error Management module.

Set EM Action

Table 1. Command: Set EM Action
Reserved[31:24]=0 Length[23:16]=3 EM=8 CMD_SET_EM_ACTION=1
Error Event ID
Reserved Action ID
Error Mask

Use this command to set the error action for the specified Error Event ID and Error Mask. Refer to the following Error Event ID Table for list of Error Event IDs supported and Error Masks supported. Error management APIs are not supported over IPI, at present.

Power On Reset
System Reset
Error Out
0x7. Disable all actions on the Event and clear error status
Note: For PSM error events, the command returns failure if LPD is not initialized.

Register Notifier for EM Events

Table 2. Command: Register Notifier
Reserved[31:24]=0 Length[23:16]=4 PMC_XILPM=2 CMD_PM_REGISTER_NOTIFIER=5
Node ID (Error Event ID)
Event Mask (Error Mask)
Argument 1
Argument 2

EM supports notifying a subsystem when registered error occurs, using the register notifier API supported by XilPM. Use this command to register for notifications when registered errors occur. Refer to the Error Event ID Table for a list of supported Error Event IDs and Error Masks.

  • Node ID: Can either be a Device ID or Error Event ID. Use an Error Event ID for registering error events.
  • Event Mask
    • For Device ID: Event Type
    • For Error Event ID: Error Mask
  • Argument 1
    • For Device ID: Wake
  • Argument 2
    • For Device ID: Enable

Register notifier of an event of Error Event ID enables the error event by clearing the corresponding PMC/PSM_ERR#N_STATUS bit and writes to the corresponding PMC/PSM_IRQ#N_EN. The notifier returns an event index (which is a bit that notify callback sets) to indicate the occurrence of the event.

The Register Notifier command works with the Notify Callback command.

For example, register notifier of Error Node GT_CR error event clears PMC_ERR1_STATUS.GT_CR, enables PMC_IRQ1_EN.GT_CR, and returns a number, for example, 5. Notify Callback sets bit 5 of the Event Status to indicate that the GT_CR error has occurred.

Notify Callback

Table 3. Command: Notify Callback
Reserved[31:24]=0 Length[23:16]=4 PMC_LIBPM=2 CMD_PM_NOTIFY_CALLBACK
Node ID (Error Event ID)
Event Status (Error Mask)

On notify callback of an event of Error Event ID, the Error Node is disabled. For example, notification of the Error Node GT_CR error event disables the error by writing to PMC_IRQ1_DIS.GT_CR. You must re-register to be notified again.