Simulation Debug - 2.6 English

Ternary CAM Search v2.6 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG318)

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2.6 English

Debug functions are controlled via the DEBUG_FLAGS parameter. DEBUG_FLAGS is a 32-bit integer where every bit controls a debug function. There are also symbolic names defined for every debug function in header files.

Table 1. Debug Flags
Debug Flag Description
CAM_DEBUG_NO_ERROR_MSG Disable printout of software error messages.
CAM_DEBUG_ARGS Software echoes input arguments.
CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_WR Software immediately reads back written data from hardware for verification. Mismatching data is reported with error message.
CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_SHADOW 'get_by_response' and 'get_by_key' operations read data from hardware and verifies software shadow data
CAM_DEBUG_VERBOSE_VERIFY Enables printout of all verify operations, including correct compare. Applies to CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_WR, CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_SHADOW, and CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_CONFIG.
CAM_DEBUG_SKIP_MEM_INIT Skip memory initialization, useful to speedup Verilog simulation.
CAM_DEBUG_CONFIG Enable printout of configuration parameters for both software and Verilog hardware simulation.
CAM_DEBUG_KEY_MASKING Enable error check for the presence of key value '1' in masked (wildcarded) bit position. Applies stcam and tcam input arguments.
CAM_DEBUG_STATS Enable statistics printout in the 'bcam_destroy' and 'stcam_destroy' functions.
CAM_DEBUG_SEGMENTS Software prints segment map for virtualized bcam (vbcam).
CAM_DEBUG_SKIP_VERIFY_CONFIG Skip verification of hardware/software configuration parameters.
CAM_DEBUG_SET_COVER Software prints heap and set cover information for tcam.
CAM_DEBUG_CONFIG_ARGS Software prints cam_arg values before creating the instance.
CAM_DEBUG_HW_WR Verilog hardware prints write operations.
CAM_DEBUG_HW_RD Verilog hardware prints read operations.
CAM_DEBUG_HW_LOOKUP Verilog hardware prints lookup operations.