Vitis AI Pruner License - 2.5 English

Vitis AI Optimizer User Guide (UG1333)

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2.5 English

If you have previously purchased a license, you can generate the required license file in your Xilinx licensing account. The Vitis AI pruner finds the license using an environment variable called XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE. There are two types of license:

Floating license
To install, specify the path in the port@hostname format. For example, export XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE=2001@xcolicsvr1.

Further details related to license server installation and usage can be found in the Xilinx Licensing Solution Center.

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing (UG973), while intended for Vivado installations, provides additional detailed instructions that are also relevant for installation of the Vitis AI Optimizer license.

Node-locked License
To install, specify a particular license file or directory where all the .lic files are located.

To specify a particular file:

export XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE=/home/user/license.lic

To specify a directory:

export XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE=/home/user/license_dir

If you have multiple licenses, specify them at the same time separated by a colon:

export XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE=1234@server1:4567@server2:/home/user/license.lic

A node-locked license can also be installed by copying it to $HOME/.Xilinx directory.