Clocking - 2.5 English

Semi-Ternary CAM Search v2.5 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG319)

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2.5 English
Table 1. Clocks
Clock Description
s_axi_aclk The AXI clock is used for table management. The AXI management interface has a completely asynchronous relationship with the lookup interface.
key_clk AXI4-Stream clock for Lookup Request/Response interfaces.
ram_clk The ram_clk is optional. It provides an option to clock the internal RAM and match logic on a separate high frequency clock. In most cases, this saves logic and memory resources.


  • key_clk <= 300 MHz, use ram_clk up to 600 MHz.
  • key_clk > 300 MHz, ram_clk is not used.