Writing Long Command: - 2.2 English

PG238 MIPI DSI Transmitter Subsystem Product Guide

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2.2 English

Long commands are to be given only in command mode, 0x29 and 0x39 are the valid data types.

° Check for ready for long packet bit to be 1 (Bit 7 in 0x2C register).

° Write datatype and word count (WC) fields in 0x30 Data FIFO register. Word count is written to bits (15:8) of 0x30.

° Write 4 bytes at a time of payload data to 0x34 Data FIFO register.

- For example, if you have 3 bytes as WC. Write 0x00P3P2P1 to the 0x34 Data FIFO register. Append the extra MSB bits with 0s.

- Similarly, if you have 6 bytes of valid data program WC as 6, then write 0xP4P3P2P1 to 0x34 register. Next write 0x0000P6P5 to the same 0x34 Data FIFO register