Receive Channelized Segmented AXI4-Stream - 2.1 English

Versal ACAP 600G Channelized Multirate Ethernet Subsystem (DCMAC) LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG369)

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2.1 English

The DCMAC Subsystem receive channelized segmented AXI4-Stream bus has a data movement portion directly analogous to its transmit counterpart. The tdata, tvalid, tid, and segment control fields (ena, sop, eop, err, mty) all have the same meaning and function. The additional elements for channel sequencing (id_req and id_req_valid) and backpressure control (ch_status_vld, ch_status_id, and ch_status_skip_req), however, are absent.

Channelized receive is different from transmit in that data is presented as it is received on the active segments of receipt. There is no internal buffering or realignment of received data; between eop signals and sop signals (or on startup), any number of segments can be idle (ena deasserted). Correspondingly, sop signals can occur with any bus alignment, regardless of the location of a preceding eop. The only guarantee is that when a frame starts (ena and sop asserted), all segments for valid AXI4-Stream cycles are enabled until eop. This means that between sop and eop being asserted, all segments for cycles in which tvalid is asserted have ena asserted.

The allowance of idle segment (ena deasserted) gaps between frames on the same cycle, or at the start of a new frame cycle, is also a significant difference between the way the channelized segmented bus operates when compared to the non-channelized segmented bus.