Port AXI4-Stream Modes - 2.1 English

Versal Devices Integrated 100G Multirate Ethernet MAC Subsystem Product Guide (PG314)

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2.1 English

The AXI4-Stream interface is dynamically re-configurable during run-time to support the selected mode of Ethernet operation. The MRMAC AXI4-Stream interface can be configured as four independent interfaces or ganged together as a wider bus to support the higher data rates. The number of 64-bit data word lanes can be configured to tailor the interface towards low latency performance or low frequency clock rates.

The following table lists the available configuration options. The desired mode is selected using the control field ctl_axis_cfg_<N>[2:0] (N = 0... 3) of each MODE_REG register of the port. The meaning of the various options (segmented versus non-segmented bus structure and low latency versus independent clock modes) are explained in the following table.

Table 1. MRMAC AXI4-Stream Modes
Selected Data Rate Selected AXI Clock Mode AXI Clock Frequency (MHz) AXI4-Stream Data Width (Bits) AXI4-Stream Segment Mode MODE Configuration (ctl_axis_cfg_<N>)
100GE Low Latency Same as tx_core_clk/ rx_core_clk (for example, 644.531) 256 Non-Segmented 3'b000
Independent 390.625 384 Non-Segmented 3'b101
Independent 322.265 384 Segmented 3'b111
40GE/50GE Low Latency Same as tx_core_clk/ rx_core_clk (for example, 644.531) 128 Non-Segmented 3'b000
Independent 322.265 256 Non-Segmented 3'b101
25GE Low Latency Same as tx_core_clk/ rx_serdes_clk (for example, 644.531) 64 Non-Segmented 3'b000
Independent 390.625 64 Non-Segmented 3'b001
Independent 322.265 128 Non-Segmented 3'b101
10GE Low Latency tx_core_clk, rx_serdes_clk (for example, 644.531) 32 Non-Segmented 3'b000
Independent 322.265 32 Non-Segmented 3'b001
  1. All other values of ctl_axis_cfg_<N> field not listed in the table are reserved.