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Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4 English
Figure 1. Vitis AI Profiler GUI Overview
  • A union timeline that shows running status of different compute units in FPGA.
    • CPU: Function call stack graph and CPU busy/idle state, all AI Library relevant function calls will be highlighted on the timeline.
    • For CPU tasks, different color indicates different thread. On the screenshot below, there are five different colors that stand for five different threads.
      • All of these five threads are forked by the Vitis AI Library.
      • The first pink one that is in charge of loading and resizing picture from disk to memory.
      • The other four threads that are in charge of processing AI tasks, including per-processing post-processing and scheduling tasks for DPUs.
        Figure 2. Vitis AI Profiler CPU Timeline
      • DPUs every running task will be show on the timeline.
      • If you move the mouse over the block, it highlights and shows the runtime of this task.
    • For DPU tasks, the utilization of DPUs (in time dimension) could be see very clearly from this graph.
      Figure 3. Vitis AI Profiler DPU Timeline
  • Information about hardware on running.
    • Memory Bandwidth: real-time AXI port traffic (only available for edge devices now).
      • You can see details about the traffic(including read and write) of each AXI port.
  • Real-time throughput for AI inference throughput (FPS).
    • More details will be shown while mouse moving over.
      Figure 4. Vitis AI Profiler Throughput and AXI Traffic Monitor
  • At the right half panel of the profiler window, there are two tabs which can be clicked on.
    • Hardware information can be got from the Hardware Information tab.
    • A series of key performance indicator of CPUs and DPUs will be got from the Overview tab.
      Figure 5. Vitis AI Profiler Information Table