Debugging and Profiling - 1.4 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4 English

This chapter describes the utility tools included within the Vitis™ AI Development Kit, most of them are only available for edge DPU, except for Vitis AI Profiler. The kit consists of five tools, which can be used for DPU execution debugging, performance profiling, DPU runtime mode manipulation, and DPU configuration file generation. With the combined use of these tools, users can conduct DPU debugging and performance profiling independently.

DPU performance profiling.
Parsing and dumping over DPU ELF file, shared library, and hybrid executable
Runtime mode management and DPU signature checking.
Parsing DPU Hardware Handoff file and generated DPU configuration file.
Vitis AI Profiler
A set of tools that helps to profile and visualize AI applications based on the VART, which is available for both edge DPU and cloud DPU.