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Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.2 English

DSight is the DNNDK performance profiling tool. It is a visual performance analysis tool for neural network model profiling. The following figure shows its usage.

Figure 1. DSight Help Info

By processing the log file produced by the N2cube tracer, DSight can generate an html file, which provides a visual analysis interface for the neural network model. The steps below describe how to use the profiler:

  1. Set N2Cube to profile mode using the command dexplorer -m profile.
  2. Run the deep learning application. When finished, a profile file with the name dpu_trace_[PID].prof is generated for further checking and analysis (PID is the process ID of the deep learning application).
  3. Generate the html file with the DSight tool using the command: dsight -p dpu_trace_[PID].prof. An html file with the name dpu_trace_[PID].html is generated.
  4. Open the generated html file with web browser.