Burst Control Words - 1.2 English

Versal ACAP Integrated 600G Interlaken with FEC Subsystem Product Guide (PG371)

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1.2 English

Burst Control Words are either forced through a tx_axis_tuser_sop<M> or tx_axis_tuser_bctl<M> input, forced through a change of channel on tx_axis_tuser_chan<M>, or implied by the value of BurstMax. The Segmented AXI4-Stream requires that there be only one Burst Control Word per 512 bits. This guarantees that consecutive Burst Control Words on the Interlaken interface will be at least 64 bytes apart, which is the value of BurstShort (programmed into the c0_ctl_tx_burstshort register field of the CFG_C0_TX_MAIN_REG register. The number of bursts, implied or forced, during the same clock cycle is dependent on the width of the AXI bus. At the most, there could be four bursts, implied or forced, for a 2048-bit AXI bus. The signal stat_tx_burst_err is asserted if the maximum number of allowed Burst Control Words in the same cycle is exceeded.