AXI4-Stream Interface Operation - 1.2 English

Versal ACAP Integrated 600G Interlaken with FEC Subsystem Product Guide (PG371)

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1.2 English
The ILKNF subsystem handles the intricate details of transporting data over an Interlaken link. On the user side, ILKNF uses the AXI4-Stream protocol. The AXI4-Stream User Interface consists of the following separate interfaces:
Transmit AXI4-Stream interface
In the transmit (outbound) direction, data is presented to the Segmented TX AXI4-Stream interface by the user logic for handling by the ILKNF subsystem. The received packet-oriented data is packaged in accordance with the Interlaken specification, and sent to the TX serial transceiver interface. The data is shaped based on the specific configuration options used.
Receive AXI4-Stream interface
In the receive (inbound) direction, the Interlaken bitstream from the RX serial transceiver is processed by the ILKNF subsystem to remove the Interlaken packaging, and is presented as packet-oriented data on the Segmented RX AXI4-Stream interface.

This section describes the various AXI4-Stream interfaces, the segmented nature of the protocol, and the rules that must be followed.