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Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.1 English

The Xbutler tool manages and controls Xilinx FPGA resources on a machine. With the Vitis AI 1.0 release, installing Xbutler is mandatory for running a deep-learning solution using Xbutler. Xbutler is implemented as a server-client paradigm. Xbutler is an addon library on top of Xilinx XRT to facilitate multi-FPGA resource management. Xbutler is not a replacement to Xilinx XRT. The feature list for Xbutler is as follows:

  • Enables multi-FPGA heterogeneous support
  • C++/Python API and CLI for the clients to allocate, use, and release resources
  • Enables resource allocation at FPGA, Compute unit (CU), and Service granularity
  • Auto-release resource
  • Multi-client support: Enables multi-client/users/processes request
  • XCLBIN-to-DSA auto-association
  • Resource sharing amongst clients/users
  • Containerized support
  • User defined function
  • Logging support