Programming with Vitis AI - 1.1 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.1 English

The Vitis AI Development Kit offers a unified set of high-level C++/Python programming APIs to smooth the machine learning applications development across Xilinx® cloud-to-edge devices, including DPUv1 and DPUv3 for Alveo™ , and DPUv2 for Zynq® devices. It brings the benefits to easily port deployed DPU applications from cloud to edge or vice versa. You can refer to Vitis AI samples to get familiar with the usage of unified programming APIs.

For edge DPU, Vitis AI additionally provides the advanced low-level C++/Python programming APIs, which originate from the Deep Neural Network Development Kit (DNNDK) programming interface. It consists of a comprehensive set of APIs that can flexibly meet the diverse requirements under various edge scenarios. Meanwhile, these advanced APIs bring backward compatibility so that the DNNDK legacy projects can be ported to Vitis platform without any modifications to the existing source code. You can refer to the DNNDK samples to get familiar with the usage of advanced programming APIs.