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PG285 Gamma Look Up Table

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Revision Summary

05/11/2022 Version 1.1

Register Space

Updated Control Register

11/10/2021 Version 1.1

General updates

Updated for the 2021.2 release.

08/06/2021 Version 1.1

General updates

Added Versal example design support.

02/04/2021 Version 1.1

General updates

Updated for version 1.1.

12/06/2019 Version 1.0

Software flow update

Updated the Synthesizable Design Section with new Vitis flow for software.

12/05/2018 Version 1.0

Table: Register Names and Descriptions

Updated the register addresses for Gamma look-up table 0, Gamma look-up table 1, and Gamma look-up table 2.

10/04/2017 Version 1.0

General updates

Initial Xilinx release.