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This chapter provides two example systems that include the Gamma LUT core; a simulation example design and a synthesizable example design. Both example designs highlight the following key system-level aspects of designing with the Gamma LUT core:

Typical usage of Gamma LUT in conjunction with other cores and AXI master.

Configuration of Gamma LUT registers on the fly.

The supported platforms are listed in Table: Supported Platforms .

Table 5-1: Supported Platforms

Development Boards

Additional Hardware




MicroBlaze processor







To open the example project, perform the following steps:

1. Select the Gamma LUT IP from IP Catalog.

2. Double-click on the selected IP or right-click the IP and select Customize IP from the menu.

3. Configure the build-time parameters in the Customize IP window and click OK . The Vivado® IDE generates an example design matching the build-time configuration.

4. In the Generate Output Products window, select Generate or Skip . If Generate is selected, the output products of the IP are generated after a brief moment.

5. Right-click Gamma LUT in the Sources panel and select Open IP Example Design from the menu.

6. In the Open IP Example Design window, select the example project directory and click OK . The Vivado ® Design Suite software then runs automation to generate the example designs in the selected directory.

The generated project contains two example designs. This Figure shows the Source panel of the example project. The synthesizable example block design, along with the top-level file, resides in the Design Sources catalog. Simulation example design files (including block design file and SystemVerilog test bench) are found under Simulation Sources.

Figure 5-1: Example Project Source Panel

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